Welcome to the Molusi College Ijebu-Igbo Online Quiz Portal for SS3 and JS3 students. This online portal has been put together to access the academic performance of students preparing for National Examinations, powered by ASSURE Educational Services in conjunction with MOCOSA 90 Sets

Registration Procedures:

  1. You’re to fill the online registration form.
  2. Your username must be in this format: firstname class, e.g. sola SS3A or ade JS3B
  3. If you don’t have a valid email address, use yourname@assure.ng e.g. sola@assure.ng
  4. Choose any password of your choice.
  5. Select the subject you wish to take assessment, then login with your usename and password to begin.
  6. Click Here to Register

Competition Rules

  1. Participating students are to register for 5 subjects only (both JS3 and SS3).
  2. 30 random questions will be supplied to candidates in each of the 5 subjects registered.
  3. Time allowed is 20 minutes per subject.
  4. If your time elapse, you will not be able to select answers. All you need to do is to click the Next button until the submit button appears for you to submit and see your score.
  5. Student’s score and performance in each of the question attempted will be displayed on the screen immediately the submit button is clicked.
  6. Student’s score will be ranked on the subject scoreboard.
  7. The best students will be determined from the average score of participating students.

Available Subjects for Assessment
English Language

English Language
Basic Science
Basic Technology
Computer Studies

Check this page regularly for updates

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